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Woman Gives Dog Her Coat To Keep Him Warm While Waiting Outside.

It was a chilly day in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kristina Hollie and her colleague saw a cute dog running errands with his mother while waiting for the bus. The woman and her dog were not allowed inside the post office.

She wanted to let him inside but had no choice. She had to tie him to a tree outside the post office and came inside without him.

And that predicament led to a heartwarming love performance.

After tying the puppy to the tree, she covered him with her jacket to keep him warm.

The caring mother knew her puppy may get cold waiting outside the post office. The cute puppy sat proudly as his mom jacketed him. He loved wearing his mom’s warm coat.

They head bumped, and his mother entered the post office. Hollie said, “As she walked by, I told her it was very sweet and thoughtful.” He was visibly shaking. She noticed and quickly covered the dog with her jacket.

Sitting on the sidewalk, the cute puppy in his coat drew much attention. People couldn’t resist stopping to admire his jacket. Some patted him affectionately.

Soon, Hollie’s bus arrived at the stop, time to bid farewell to the dog. As she boarded, she glanced back at the pup in his outfit, happily sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for his adoring mother.

We believe she will bring her companion inside, but we are deeply moved by her loving act to keep him warm. She wanted her dog to be comfortable while she was gone, even for just a few minutes.

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