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Wild Duck And Dog Meet Every Night To Swim And Become Best Friends.

Golden Retrievers were originally bred to help hunters catch ducks and other waterfowl after shooting them, but this charming dog doesn’t enjoy hunting.

No, quite the opposite.

Six-year-old McGee has become best friends with an affectionate duck who lives in the pond behind his house.

McGee becomes friends with the duck that McGee’s father nicknames “Daffy”, after Daffy randomly approaches the friendly dog ​​and insists on spending time with it.

McGee’s father, Evan Hastings, thinks the mallard feels lonely and thinks McGee seems friendly. Whatever the reason, Daffy made sure to get McGee’s attention and was only satisfied when the pup agreed to be his best friend.
McGee and the duck now spend most of their time together.

In the morning, McGee graciously shared breakfast with Daffy, then the couple took a nap and sunbathe on the soft grass.

Or, in Daffy’s case, the soft fur on McGee’s back.

Daffy didn’t like dozing off on McGee’s back; he also enjoys riding it while McGee swims in the pond. Every night, Daffy and McGee swim together in the pond and enjoy each other’s company, and when it’s time to get out of the water, Daffy always wants to sit on McGee’s back and get back to shore.

Overall, McGee doesn’t seem to mind Daffy being so clingy and demanding a lot of attention.

Hastings sometimes thinks that McGee is a little bored because the attention duck likes to peck at him, but McGee is extremely patient with Daffy.

He’s clearly happy to have such a funny boyfriend and cherishes their time together.

Their friendship is sweet and inspiring, and yet another example of the purity of animal friendship. (hour/t :

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