Wild Dog Has Only Skin and Bones Left, Can’t Walk Because of Hunger For a Long Time. – Animal News

Wild Dog Has Only Skin and Bones Left, Can’t Walk Because of Hunger For a Long Time.

Barilla, a dog with only a few working internal organs, was brought to a cat and dog rescue center in Granada, Spain. She was left with only skin and bones. She was paralyzed in one place, her muscles were very weak, and she could no longer walk.

The staff at the center feared that Barilla, who weighed only 7.2kg, would not survive the serious illness. Also, a life will not be saved by a late night. Staff gave Barilla a prop to help build muscle because she couldn’t stand on her own. He was also given six hours of continuous water infusion before staff dared to give him anything more nutritious.

Barilla suffered scratches from crawling on the ground on all four legs.

After six hours of being given water, Barilla was able to get up and drink water, but not for long.
After a week of care and treatment, Barilla has gained 4 kg but still cannot walk or stand for long, but often falls to the ground. Barilla took another six weeks to start eating normally, but she was still able to run and jump like any other healthy dog.

Barilla gave full attention to the staff.

Eduardo Rodriguez, 37, the owner of the shelter, decided to adopt Barilla because they fell in love right away. Currently, Barilla lives with his wife, 14-year-old daughter and five other dogs at his home in Rodriguez on the outskirts of Granada.

Rodriguez and Barilla immediately showed intense affection and devotion.

Barilla’s recovery is amazing; Since being rescued on day four, she eats five to six meals a day and gains one kilogram a day. Barilla gained 20.8 kg and almost fully recovered.

Who put the unfortunate dog in this situation is still being investigated by the police.



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