Whiskey is a 9 year old German Shepherd who is running for doggy Mayor for Lakewood, CO! – Animal News

Whiskey is a 9 year old German Shepherd who is running for doggy Mayor for Lakewood, CO!

Indulge me, if you will, in a tale of Whiskey – not just a dog, but a symphony of companionship, joy, and extraordinary spirit. Imagine a being that effortlessly blends intelligence, playfulness, and serenity into a singular presence, already a true friend and an inspiration.

Picture this: at 9 years old, Whiskey conquering a 14er, defying limits with the same tenacity that ignites champions. Yet, his journey has its challenges, a brain cleft cyst/mass and recent surgeries, yet his zest for exploring, ice fishing, hiking, and camping remains unwavering.

Now, let your mind conjure a leader who exudes boundless energy, empathy, and calm – a presence that harmonizes even the most chaotic situations. This is Whiskey, the embodiment of qualities we yearn for in decision-makers.

Pause to consider, Whiskey’s selflessness in dog training classes, building bridges between humans and their four-legged companions. His commitment to spreading happiness radiates innate goodness, instilling positivity in every circumstance.

Ah, and his role as playful playmate and gentle referee, showcasing his exceptional essence. This, dear friends, is the leader we seek. A unifier who resonates with all, his love for water mirrors the flow of unity he brings to community.

As you stand at the crossroads of your vote, remember Whiskey – the promise of a brighter, harmonious tomorrow. Rally behind a symbol of joy, connection, and unity. Vote for Whiskey, where each day reverberates with uplifted spirits, shared happiness, and the symphony of life’s beauty.


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