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Tia Is Awake! But What If Mom Does THAT?

Tia is an adorable Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. She is 5 and a half years old and has been with her mother since she was 6 weeks old.

When her mother first adopted her, she was really afraid of dogs. But this adorable puppy helped her overcome her anxiety, to the point of taking care of her like a baby!

One of the things Mom did for Tia when she was a puppy was to let her crawl into bed with her and sing lullabies until she fell asleep. She quit this habit when Tia was a year old, but a few years later she thought she would try it again to see if her magic still worked.

Watch the video to see how effective Mom’s Lullaby is. Tia is fully awake when the video begins, but as soon as she hears the lullaby, she becomes a sleeping dog and her eyes begin to close. In 30 seconds, she’ll be out! She started snoring a few minutes later!

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