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The ‘Unsoldable’ Dog Abandoned By The Breeder Became A Giant Star.

There are many types of dogs in the world, some are very beautiful when they are young, their owners just want to take care and raise them when they are young, if they are too big, it will be very unpleasant. Like this dog.

As one of the smallest dog breeds on Earth, the Pomeranian is often loved for its petite body, adorable appearance. So when a Pomeranian is a bit oversized, many people will assume that they are no longer lovable. This is also the reason why Bertram was dumped by his own breeders, who all thought that this boy was “too big to sell”.

The 5-month-old was taken to a shelter in Tulsa and became a celebrity there. He is loved for his gentle, kind nature and laid-back attitude. The people at the shelter want to stay with the lovely boy for as long as possible, but they always know that they need to find him an official owner to be loved, cared for and fortunately they do not have to wait too long. .

An artist in New York saw his photos on Petfinder and immediately fell in love with them. According to what Kathy Grayson shared, it was her eyes that magically attracted attention. Kathy decided to adopt this charming boy without a second thought even though it was not easy to get his position. Since she knew she needed the dog, distance didn’t matter.

Bertram (or Bert as Kathy used to call it) had a rough start, but his life changed in that moment. Perhaps fate made them meet and share their happy life together.

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