The rescued lion can’t sleep without his favorite blanket since he was a cub! – Animal News

The rescued lion can’t sleep without his favorite blanket since he was a cub!

Just like a normal cat with comfort on a towel.

He looks like a spoiled baby in his favorite red blanket!

Vicky Keahey is the owner and operator of the In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center. She has rescued countless animals over the years, but perhaps the most special is this lion named Lambert!

In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue has reached out to rescue this po.or lion after he was ille.gally pu.rch.ased as a pet by a he.artl.ess man and then a.ban.doned

He looked more like a poor weak puppy than a strong lion, as he should have been!

Lambert was [con.fused and] when he arrived at the rescue center, but his habit quickly won the hearts of everyone.

He curled up on that blanket and went to bed right away. She has always covered him with a blanket since then, and he can’t sleep without it!

Lambert has fully recovered and is now a beautiful, majestic lion.

Lambert now has 7,000 square feet of space to run around in, including a covered lair area for shade and protection, as well as a sunny, grassy playground with a swimming pool where he enjoys playing.

Nonetheless, the adult lion is now still in the center because he will not su.rv.ive in the wild.

Lambert is active, playful, and brave, but he still requires his favorite blanket before going to sleep!

These wild animals in cap.tiv.ity have a better life, where they are cared for and loved!

So sweet how he enjoys his comfort with his blanket. He’s such a lovely lion!

Cute 🥰 he is just a spoiled baby 🤗

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