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The Dog Really Cried Because No Potential Adopters Chose Him.

So glad this cute little girl has been adopted and has a good home.

Po.or hairy child should be sad. A loving and caring forever home she deserves, sweet angel

HPHS staff have dedicated their lives to helping rescue unwanted dogs and strays. They always share pictures of shelter dogs online to make it easier for people to recognize them.

And on a High Plains Humane Society trip to New Mexico, they were all he.artbro.ken and took a picture of a badly damaged puppy. The photos show the dog looking through her crate in the hopes that she will be picked up and taken to a permanent home.

The mail went straight to [vi.ral] and many people [registered] adopted the dog. And finally, the staff chose a woman to be their new mother. Now he is very happy in his house.

So happy for this precious dog that he has finally been adopted into a large family!

This beautiful little baby deserves a loving home forever! I’m so glad this baby finally has a loving home!

Thank you kind woman for unconditional love and giving her a new life.

I hope more people will help the homeless, especially shelter dogs and unwanted strays. Let’s do our best, whatever we can do to give them care and a better life…!

God bless you for adopting this poor animal. Now a happy ending…!

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