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The Dog Fell Asleep On The Rescuer’s Lap After Realizing He Was Rescued.

Bella is a shelter dog with a troubled past, spending most of her life in a small kennel at a shelter in Romania. She has fleas, untreated liver and spleen problems, and is not allowed to come into contact with people or go outside. As a result, she has never experienced human touch or hugs and just wants someone to love her.

Fortunately, the Howl of A Dog rescue team arrived in time to save her. On the way to the vet, Bella rested her head on the lifeguard’s lap and fell asleep, clearly exhausted but comforted that she was finally safe in the hands of good people. Had it not been for Howl of A Dog’s intervention, Bella might have spent her entire life in the shelter.

According to the rescuer, Bella was extremely confident and relieved that she was finally saved. All she wanted was to take a nap in someone’s arms and she seemed to know right away that she was rescued and safe.

During her vet appointment, Bella received the necessary treatment and supplements for her spleen and liver problems. She was also given a medicated bath to help her get rid of fleas and relieve itching.

In the end, Bella found a safe and loving home thanks to the wonderful group of people who helped her. We are delighted that Bella has been rescued from terrible circumstances and can now be much happier.

Howl of A Dog then announces that Bella has been adopted and lives a happy life.

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