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Stray Dogs Were Brought To The Masses By A Brazilian Priest For Adoption.

When we have difficulties in life, we come to pray and ask God for help. Our prayers are answered the same way these dogs’ prayers are answered.

The Paróquia de Sant’ Ana Gravatá Church, led by Father João Paulo Araujo Gomes, has launched an effort to have homeless and abandoned dogs appear at Mass every Sunday.

The doors of the church are open for dogs in need of love and care. This place has become a better place, whether you have faith in God or in the goodness of mankind. Father João wanted these dogs to be noticed by the faithful so he made sure they were centrally placed where everyone could see them.

“They will constantly have the opportunity to enter, rest, consume, drink, and seek shelter and protection, because this house is God’s and they are God’s.” Father wrote on Facebook.

Papa João also works with the area to encourage others to adopt dogs. He really inspires and makes people believe that the world is still a better place to live.

His actions resulted in finding permanent homes for these dogs. He also has wonderful children of his own.

“I have helped many dogs with serious health problems. Some of us gave them to the rectory and then they were adopted. The three of them stayed with me. Today they are my children and they sleep in my bed,” said Father João.

This story is just one of many in which dogs seek refuge in churches, but Papa João’s heartfelt solution has gone unnoticed. It went viral and became a driving force for those who couldn’t speak up

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