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She’s Sick Of Her Dog Being Called ‘ugly’ And Showing Off Her Inner Beauty, Causing A Fever.

No one has the right to disparage others based on their physical features, and this rule applies to everyone and everything. Unfortunately, some people use derogatory names to condemn others. Even animals are included.

We must accept all beings as they are, regardless of their differences. Despite the fact that they were not born that way, there are still people who do not understand this and are obsessed with judging how the jacket looks in particular circumstances.

This is the story of Alan, a charming one-year-old boxer and mixed martial artist who is born with a genetic condition that causes his nose to be crooked and tilted to the right when he closes his muzzle.

After finding him abandoned in Doha, Qatar, 41-year-old Johanna Handley from Godalming, England, rescued Alan the poodle.

Contrary to what the pups might claim, Johanna continued: “Alan is our dog, and we know he’s adorable and truly special.”

Johana was fed up with people calling her beloved dog ugly, so she thought of creating a social media account in response to the insults. Fortunately, the results are exceptional, Alan. Johanna created the account Alan the Wonky Dog, which means “Alan the Dog Wobbly”, in response to people criticizing her pet, which only made matters worse.

“Alan’s appearance has received a lot of criticism. There is no way because some people have pledged to send me money so that I can pay for the necessary surgery and facial reconstruction,” according to Johanna.

Johana showed incredible courage and love despite the attacks of her four-legged friend. Since creating the account, her comments and posts have all been very positive. Johana said, “He was loved by everyone.”

After saving him, Johana felt relieved. He is the missing member of his family.
We should all share Alan’s story because it is so heartfelt and will help his mother raise awareness about adopting these exotic animals. 

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