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Shelter Dog’s Love for Food Bowl Hinders Adoption.

Oliver is a lost stray pup found in a family’s backyard.

Initially elusive, he quickly became sociable, disciplined, and readily acclimated to the shelter environment. “I met him right away, and he sat for me before I even showed him treats.”

Then, once the treats appeared, he grew more eager to sit. As he got to know me more, he pressed himself against the bars of his kennels for me to pet him.”

Katie Pemberton, community engagement specialist at Memphis Animal Services, explained. The clever little guy greets passersby with puppy eyes and a food bowl in his mouth.

This is how he got the name Oliver, like the fictional character Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens known for saying “Please sir, I want some more.” Oliver always carried his food bowl, as if demanding more treats or food.

The staff found Oliver’s tricks amusing and snapped photos to share on social media.

Thanks to the internet, Oliver was adopted just in time. If not adopted, Oliver would’ve been euthanized like other unadopted pups.

The social media photos helped Oliver get adopted, as seen by the high number of inquiries received by the shelter.

Oliver’s new owners instantly fell in love with him on the shelter’s Facebook Page and quickly adopted him along with his food bowl.

This clever little guy carries his bowl around, requesting more treats or food. He got the name Oliver.

The Memphis Animal Services volunteers in Tennessee found a lost dog named Oliver, thought it was a great fit because of the fictional character Oliver Twist.

He was brought in by animal control and on his first day, Oliver was friendly with everyone at the shelter.

He enjoys being petted, loves treats, and adores his food bowl. The volunteers uploaded Oliver’s pictures online and they went viral. Applications were filed just in time to save him from being euthanized.

Oliver was adopted last minute, bringing his dog bowl to his forever home.

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