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‘Shelter Dog Labeled ‘Ugly’ Finds Loving Home.’

Dutchess, a rescue dog, had been referred to as “unattractive” because of the growths under her eyes. After undergoing surgery to eliminate these growths, Dutchess found a forever home with a caring family once she had fully recovered.

The story of a dog at an animal shelter in Orlando has transformed from sadness to hope.

During the 2022 holiday season, a puppy named Dutchess was moved to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando because of a problem with the landlord, as reported by local news station Fox 35 Orlando.

Despite having facial abnormalities and tiny lumps beneath her eyelids, she encountered difficulty in finding a supportive family.

According to the shelter’s Facebook post, the woman’s situation has caused a significant impact, as everyone seems unable to move on from it. It’s disheartening that Dutchess loves every person so deeply and flawlessly. Each day, she eagerly sprints towards the kennel entrance, filled with excitement for what the day holds and displaying an unwavering positive attitude.

Furthermore, Orange County Animal Services pointed out that while passing the kennel, certain individuals derogatorily commented on Dutchess’ physical appearance.

She looks terrible. And what is that? Why does she have imperfections? Are they unable to see? How much would I need to pay for this exactly? It seems like she will never find a home. These were some of the comments the shelter received, as mentioned in a Facebook post.

Due to a social media post made by the shelter, Dutchess was given the opportunity to be released from the facility. Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. took in the animal and subsequently arranged for her to be placed in a foster home. Not long after the puppy’s arrival, Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. She shared a Facebook update announcing that she had consumed a McDonald’s cheeseburger and was feeling comfortable in her surroundings.

The rescue organization stated that a veterinarian made the decision to perform surgery on Dutchess in order to remove the growths located beneath her eyes, as they were causing discomfort for her.

The rescue organization announced on December 27th that the operation conducted to eliminate the growths located at the back of Dutchess’ eyes, ultimately identified as dermoids, abnormal skin cysts that dogs can develop, was a triumph.

A large number of individuals engaged with the first post by Orange County Animal Services regarding Dutchess and her challenges on social platforms, leading to an overwhelming response of adoption inquiries.

After undergoing surgery, Dutchess joined her new family and was given the name Lena. According to the new owners, the dog they have encountered is incredibly affectionate and friendly, as stated by Fox 35 Orlando.

Inc. of Rescue Dogs in a Dream. She notified the media, saying, “She currently has caring parents who are eager to indulge her every desire (her father works remotely), and she also has a new sibling to have fun with within the safety of her enclosed yard.” She is a cherished part of the family and has the privilege of participating in hikes and exciting expeditions.

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