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Pit Bull Cares For Blind Chicken Bestie, Their Bond Is Cute And Inspiring.

With family support, particularly from her late sibling Taj, her life has been filled with love and joy.

Thanks to her new sister Gracie, Peri will now experience love and joy forever.

When the hen was just 6 months old, she began losing her eyesight. She suffered from an eye infection and despite her family’s efforts, she eventually went blind.

Luckily, Peri’s family was determined to make her new life as rewarding as possible, with the help of furry brother Taj.

When Peri went blind, the pup aided her in navigating her new life. He gave her love, support, and made her feel safe, enhancing her life.

The family members also helped Peri. In an interview with The Dodo, Peri’s mom shared that they made adjustments for her blindness.

These included special roosting bars, dedicated ottomans, and placing her food bowls on a noisy rug. They hired a “chicken nanny” to care for Peri while they were away.

But the strongest help for Peri came from her bond with Taj.

They were extremely close and did everything as a pair. Peri had no worries with her best friend by her side.

Taj died from cancer after eight years together.

Suddenly, Peri was rock-less. The family worried about Peri’s distress and feared she would never be the same. Peri has found two soulmates in her life.

Taj would be happy to know Gracie is taking good care of his friend, and Peri is thankful to have met them both.

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