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Owners Surrender Senior Dog After A Decade, Later Adopted By A New Family.

Bringing a dog into your family entails a lifelong dedication to that beloved pet. This involves providing the utmost level of care when they grow older and encounter health issues.

Unfortunately, there are instances where owners are unable to meet the necessary level of commitment and subsequently decide to relinquish their older pets to shelters. This is what occurred when a shelter received a dog that was 15 years old, just recently.

Fortunately, the elderly lady was fortunate enough to discover a caring residence where she was given the second chance she rightly merited.

Netty, a canine affectionately named, was welcomed into a loving home after being adopted from the Pennsylvania SPCA a decade ago.

Unfortunately, the SPCA recently shared with its supporters some distressing news about her condition on August 7th. Netty, the aging dog who is currently 15 years old, has recently been put up for adoption because her former owners stated that she has difficulties controlling her bladder.

Unfortunately, she was surrendered to the shelter and now finds herself having to begin anew at an older stage in life.

Our focus shifted from questioning the reason behind her return to us to dedicating ourselves to ensuring her remaining days are as comfortable as can be.

Finding new homes for senior dogs can be difficult as adopters generally favor younger dogs and hesitate to take on the responsibilities and emotional challenges that come with caring for an older dog, leading to the reluctance in providing them a forever home.

Nevertheless, Netty promptly became a cherished member of an amazing new household. Amy Kidd, a small animal veterinarian and proprietor of Pocopson Veterinary Station in West Chester, was moved by Netty’s narrative and made the decision to provide her with a home.

In an interview with Newsweek, Amy mentioned that she had a strong understanding of taking care of older animals. This was due to her personal experience of losing their family’s rescue dog, who was 12 years old, to cancer.

Her new family traveled to Philadelphia to bring Netty back so that she could have a pleasant place to spend her remaining years.

It appears that Netty is finding pleasure in her newly discovered environment. In addition, she possesses a multitude of dogs and cats, along with a colossal teddy bear that belongs solely to her.

The Pennsylvania SPCA received happy news that Netty had found a forever home, bringing them immense joy.

We are saddened by the fact that Netty’s previous owners had to part with her, but we are extremely thankful that this amazing family accepted her and gave her a new, affectionate environment to spend the rest of her days in.

I find this story to be incredibly delightful, and I encourage you to share it with anyone you are acquainted with.

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