On This Day: Everton’s Last League Title (4 May 1987)

On This Day: Everton’s Last League Title (4 May 1987)

It has been over 30 years since Everton Football Club won their last English Division One League Title. On this day, 4 May 1987, a crowd of 32,837 cheering supporters sealed the team’s fate and watched as the Toffees secured the Championship. It has been a long wait for Everton supporters since that historic day, but the club’s record is still remembered fondly by many who shared in its success.
On This Day: Everton’s Last League Title (4 May 1987)

1. “On This Day”: Remembering Everton’s Last League Title

It was the title-winning campaign of 1984-85 and it was one of the greatest years in Everton’s history. The Toffees went onto win the League title, breaking arch rivals Liverpool’s stranglehold on the competition with their 25th trophy. Everton were truly unstoppable and here are a few of the highlights from that Champions-elect season in the First Division:

  • Manager of the Year – Howard Kendall
  • Top Goalscorer – Graeme Sharp (20)
  • Most Assists – Kevin Sheedy (14)
  • Most Man of the Match Awards – Peter Reid (7)
  • Most Wins in a Row – 11

The team’s success owed to Howard Kendall’s leadership and an unmatchable combination of talents. A great defender in Kevin Ratcliffe, prolific goalscorer in Graeme Sharp, veteran winger in Trevor Steven, midfield maestro in Peter Reid, untouchable goalkeeper in Neville Southall and the team’s set-piece specialist Kevin Sheedy. Together they had the right blend of confidence, skill and experience to lead the club to glory.

1. “On This Day”: Remembering Everton’s Last League Title

2. A Look into the 1987 Division One Season

The 1987 Division One season was undeniably one of the most exciting in the history of English football. The battle for the First Division title was hotly contested between three established clubs – Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal. To the surprise of many, Liverpool managed to win their fifth title that season, for a total of 14 league titles.

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On the other side of the pitch, the bottom of the table was just as competitive. Surprisingly, it was Coventry City who found themselves in the relegation zone, despite being in the top half of the table only the season before. To make things even worse, they were accompanied by the perennial strugglers of Ipswich Town and Luton Town. Against the odds, Coventry City managed to stay up, while both Ipswich Town and Luton Town were relegated.

  • Liverpool became First Division champions after a thrilling race.
  • Coventry City managed to escape relegation despite being near the bottom at the end of the season.
  • Ipswich Town and Luton Town were relegated after poor performances.

2. A Look into the 1987 Division One Season

3. Rekindling Memories of Everton’s Last League Triumph

As evertonians drift through the corridors of the sleepy terraces, it’s hard not to reflect on the days when the club were lifting their last league title. Reminiscing of their glorious 85/86 champions, they remember a team full of quality, focus and spirit.

The squad was memorable, the likes of Sharp and Linekar in attack, with Ratcliffe and Ratcliff providing a formidable back line. The midfield boasted names such as Steven, Reid and Sheedy, while Southall stood proud at the back. Utterly terrifying in attack and solid as a rock in defence, they truly laid the foundations for success.

  • The captain on the day lifted the trophy, Kevin Ratcliffe leading from the front.
  • The forward pair of Sharp and Linekar terrorising defences with their lightning Pace and incisive movement.
  • The Goalkeeper Southall’s heroics at the back proving crucial keeping 15 clean sheets in 42 appearances.
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The everlasting glimmer of triumph still sparkles in the eyes of the old-timers recalling that beautiful day in may, as an outpouring of joy enveloped the entire ground. Sure they’ve had glory in cups but the league title has all the more meaningful. Evertonians never took it lightly. They remain marveled at a team that was indomitable in the face of adversity.

4. The Significance of Everton’s Last League Title

Everton’s last league title, which occurred a full 27 years ago in 1987, is significant for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it was the final time the Toffees would win the title for over a quarter of a century. It signified the closing of an era, one that involved illustrious players like Gary Lineker and Neville Southall and emphatic successes like their 1984 Cup Winners’ Cup victory.

The 1987 title win also brought tremendous joy not only to Evertonians, but to Liverpool as a whole. This was a period of great excitement in Liverpool and Everton’s success became a representation of the entire city. Liverpool had dominated the English topflight for most of the decade prior, and Everton’s title win was a crucial statement of intent. From that point onwards, both clubs had the potential to fight for top honours, with the Merseyside derbies producing some of the most memorable encounters in the recent history of the league.

As Evertonians look back on this day in history and remember the blaze of glory that was May 4th 1987, one can only hope that future generations will one day experience the same joy and wonder of conquering England’s top soccer league. With such an incredible legacy in the making, it’s clear to see why Everton’s last league title will always remain an unforgettable part of their fantastic story.

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