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Man Carried His Dog On His Back To Protect It From Other Dogs.

We would do the same if we have pets and encounter dogs while walking.

Not for annoyance, but for their collective desire to “at.ta.c.k”.

As handlers, we must prevent such ‘f.i.g..h.t.s’ without ‘.h.a.r.m.’ to other dogs.

They endure homelessness and support one another. To avoid this, a Peruvian man rides his dog on his shoulders.

While passing through a street full of dogs, he resembled a lamb. In a TikTok video by @lathali24, dogs can be seen barking and trying to reach him.

But they don’t understand. The reluctant owner occasionally scares them to prevent jumping.

Apparently this is common on that street. The person recording the video is related to the pet carrier.

Because of her laughter in the recording. “When the piranha bothers your baby,” she wrote in the viral video’s description, garnering thousands of comments.

The dog appeared very large and able to defend itself. In his owner’s tale, he found protection. “The puppy:

‘what a shame'”, wrote a user concerned about the animal’s discomfort during loading. Another replied: “Put the lady on a skirt,” mocking their cowardice. When numerous dogs unite and are ready to ‘.f.i.g.h.t.’.

Even if it has the largest owner, it is best to avoid confrontation. In these fights, no cattle are involved and everyone gets ‘.h.u.r.t.’due to instinct. This gentleman avoided it as much as possible.

Hopefully they’ll all become friends in time. We thank the video recorder for sharing this funny moment between a dog and owner. Willing to do anything to prevent his pet from ‘’.

Watch the video here

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