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Man Approaches His Lost Dog Of Three Years.

And The Dog Becomes Overwhelmed With Sheer Happiness, Shedding Tears Of Joy.

Three years in the past, Giorgi Berejiani experienced the disappearance of his beloved dog named Jorge from his residence in Tbilisi, Georgia. He looked in every place imaginable to find his closest companion. Despite the passing of days, months, and years, he persisted in clinging onto hope.

However, in the end, all the efforts he put in would be valuable. Employees at a nearby establishment spotted a stray dog resembling Jorge and promptly called Giorgi as a precautionary measure. Despite the city’s tagging of the dog to indicate it was a stray, they remained highly confident that it was indeed the same dog.

Rushed and pressed for time, Giorgi hurried to the location to conduct an inquiry and approached the canine relaxing beside the tree. In the upcoming video, you will be able to listen to the man speaking to the dog. The dog unexpectedly begins shedding tears of joy, and Giorgi instantly recognized that it was indeed his beloved pet.

They eventually reconciled after a three-year separation. They both started crying, indicating their shared joy in being reunited.

At that exact moment, their individual shattered hearts were repaired. It remains a mystery as to how the dog sustained himself independently on the streets for an extended period, but it is possible that the hope of eventually reuniting with his owner served as his driving force.

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