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Kind Pit Bull Provides A Kennel For a Pregnant Stray Cat and Stands Guard while She’s In

The pit bull is an affectionate and devoted dog

Pit bulls are affectionate and devoted dogs that will go the extra mile for those they love. Hades, a pit bull who lives with his family in Mexico, showed the world just how big the breed’s heart is.

The adorable dog takes care of his father, Juan José P Flores, who shows compassion for those in need. Flores noticed a feral cat loitering in the neighborhood, so he left some food so the cat wouldn’t go hungry. He didn’t expect Hades to befriend the little cat. Don’t let his name fool you, Hades is a sweet and kind dog who saw a friend in trouble and suggested his home as a refuge.

One day, Hades was creating such a commotion near the back door that Flores had to come see what had caused the commotion. Turns out his beloved dog wanted to show him something inside his kennel. Inside was a wild cat lying on a soft blanket. Adorable dog proudly tells his father that he ran away from home because the feral cat is pregnant. Hades never left his feline friend and stood guard at the kennel while the cat gave birth to two kittens. “I think he feels like a father,” Flores told The Dodo.

The family cat Nicol and her kittens are healthy. Flores said once the kittens reach adulthood, they will find loving homes, but Nicol will always have a home with them. A photo of the incident went viral online and people couldn’t help but joke that the cat was simply taking over the dog crate. Flores even joined in and wrote: “Chat okay, with this you don’t have to pay rent”.

Jokes aside, the dog’s kind gesture went unnoticed. Countless people praised Hades and commented on his adorable face. One person said: “The most beautiful face !!!! They take the human head .

Flores shared the touching story in the hope that people will see pit bulls because of the adorable dogs they are. “Pit bulls are good dogs,” he said. “Hades puts everything aside to help others. We should do so without expecting anything in return.

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