In Seattle, There Is A Mobile “Barkery” That Caters To Both Dogs And Their Owners By Offering Treats. – Animal News

In Seattle, There Is A Mobile “Barkery” That Caters To Both Dogs And Their Owners By Offering Treats.

The world has recently become more pleasant.

The Seattle Barkery is a mobile eatery that specializes in delectable, handcrafted snacks designed specifically for canines. Although there is a limited selection of items for their human patrons, the main focus of the food truck is to satisfy hungry dogs.

Although there may be individuals questioning the necessity of a mobile food truck catering for dogs, every pet owner is aware of how much our beloved furry companions deserve an occasional special treat. It is a great pleasure to reciprocate their kindness as they tirelessly provide us with numerous benefits.

Dawn and Ben Ford are the proprietors and founders of the Seattle Barkery. The couple who have a fondness for dogs first crossed paths while employed in the restaurant industry, and later collaborated to manage a venture specializing in dog-walking services. Now, the Seattle Barkery has united these two worlds into one.

The concept for The Barkery was initially suggested by Dawn. In response to multiple instances of dog treats being recalled due to safety concerns, Dawn decided to make her own treats from scratch for the dogs she took care of during walks. The owners of the dogs began purchasing treats from Dawn, which sparked her contemplation of establishing the Barkery.

The Barkery has successfully been operating for a span of five years, and the feedback received has been exceedingly favorable. Dog enthusiasts gather around the truck eagerly, ready to pamper their beloved pets with delicious and high-quality snacks.

The Barkery has an extensive range of treats available, ranging from duck necks to delightful puppy pretzels. Cake orders are also accepted by them.

Dawn personally makes the majority of the baked goods, and her three rescue puppies eagerly volunteer to be her taste testers.

Dawn and Ben have a special place in their hearts for rescue dogs. All tips received by the Barkery are given entirely to Old Dog Haven, and any remaining treats are contributed to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

The Barkery keeps us informed about their activities on Instagram by posting attractive images of their delectable treats and delighted customers, catering to individuals who are interested in staying updated.

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