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Heartbroken Tommie Bear Has Returned To His Shelter And Now He’s Moody.

In Houston, Texas, Tommie Bear sleeps peacefully in his bed and rarely notices people passing by his cage shelter. The distressed dog was brought back to Harris County Pets after just a few months.

In June 2020, a stray animal named Tommie Bear entered the shelter; he was microchiped and was held in contact with the owner for six days. The dog has two adoptable people, but the first family to adopt it either lets it run free or takes it back to the shelter.
So, four months later, Tommie Bear finds herself a depressed and unhappy puppy, knowing she has returned to her shelter, surrounded by loud noises, unfamiliar people, and an uncertain future. sure. Tommie Bear has little contact with humans or reinforces positive behavior.

“…The adopter believes he is developing an unhealthy level of possessiveness towards the owner and may not be suitable for children. In particular, this breed needs regular guidance and guidance.

Since adopters don’t have the necessary experience and Tommie doesn’t deserve to be disrespected in this way again, one shelter volunteer said: “It makes me sad and upset, and that’s why. why I think he needs to be rescued for surveillance.” his adoption this time.”

Here are some notes on Tommie Bear’s misfortune about shelters:

TOMMIE KS THE BEAR, WHO WERE RECEIVED A FEW MONTHS BACK, IS BACK! He needs a new home, preferably a nice one! Give me one more!

We regret to inform you that Tommie does not appear to be leaving at this time. We don’t know why the email said it was approved yesterday but it is currently waiting to be re-approved so we are still waiting for a decision. To update everyone, I will contact you tomorrow.

He is still waiting to be adopted. As he has not yet left the shelter, we will monitor his condition until he finds a home.

Tommy is still waiting to be adopted but there are two people lined up behind him. The most important aspect of the whole story is that Tommy was adopted by a nice family who loved and respected him as a true member of the family.

“My family and I recently had our bear and he is doing great!” Tommie Bear’s new mum said: “He’s a giant teddy bear and his name suits him so well.

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