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Gospel Singer Pedro Henrique Dead at 30 After Collapsing Onstage

On Wednesday, the beloved Brazilian celebrity ‘.tragic.ally.’ ‘.pas.sed.’ ‘away during’ a live performance at a personal occasion.

On Wednesday, Pedro Henrique, a gospel singer, passed away while performing on stage during a live show. The famous individual from Brazil had reached the age of 30.

Henrique reportedly suffered a collapse while doing a private performance in Fiera de Santana, Bahia, as reported by CNN Brazil and the New York Post.

The exact reason for the person’s death has not been made public. However, CNN and TMZ have reported that there is speculation the artist experienced a cardiac arrest.

After the demise of Henrique, Todah Music, his music company, expressed their heartfelt homage to the singer on Instagram Thursday, accompanied by a black-and-white image of him performing.

The Portuguese post described Pedro as a joyful young man who was well-liked by everyone. It also mentioned that Henrique was a committed husband and extremely devoted father.

“The melodies within your voice shall endure, and your impact will live on through your wife, your young daughter Zoe, and the countless lives that were and will be touched by Christ through the recordings of your vocal expressions!” the message further stated.

We have experienced numerous moments of joy side by side, and presently we share in the sorrow of those who are mourning. The Christian music community is experiencing a time of sorrow. The Todah Music family is experiencing grief.

The post ended with the announcement, “I will see you in the near future, my beloved brother! We will meet again soon!”

The wife of Henrique, named Suillan Barreto, and their infant daughter, Zoe, are the ones who will continue to live after Henrique’s passing. As per a recent Instagram post made by Henrique, it has been stated that Zoe, the newborn, will be reaching her two-month milestone on the upcoming Tuesday.

According to Billboard Brasil, Henrique’s funeral and memorial service will be held in Porto Seguro, the birthplace of the renowned artist. The singer resided in Guarulhos, a city located in São Paulo.

In another Instagram post published on Thursday, the record label associated with Henrique mentioned that the day was filled with intense emotions.

Afterwards, they shared a series of black-and-white videos featuring Henrique’s performances. The phrase “In honor of our cherished Pedro Henrique” was inscribed in Portuguese above.

The caption of the Portuguese post further stated that we pondered thoroughly whether it would be fitting to disclose anything today. “We are deeply saddened by the absence and fondly recalling the cherished moments spent alongside Peter—his infectious happiness, his captivating voice, and his radiant, affectionate smile.”

This is our sole homage to him – a singer, minister, spouse, father, devoted servant of God, who departed while faithfully fulfilling his purpose on this earth, worshipping the divine. “The post also included emojis of a crying face and a black heart.”