Golden Retriever Tao, 11, from Somerset, has lost his sight. – Animal News

Golden Retriever Tao, 11, from Somerset, has lost his sight.

Golden Retriever Tao, 11, from Somerset, lost his sight last year but now has his own ‘guide dog’ Oko, just 16 weeks old. An adorable video shows the couple walking together. Ailing retriever Tao, 11, sadly lost his sight to glaucoma last year, prompting his owner to find him a four-legged friend.

Oko met Tao when he was 8 weeks old, the two had an incredible bond with each other. One video shows Shepton Mallet’s inseparable Somerset duo strolling together and so the pair enjoy playing tug-of-war as well. Tao’s owner, Melanie Jackson of Shepton Mallet, Somerset, said Oko was a great companion and best friend for her little dog in need.

“We were told that his second eye would need to be removed, but we were prepared to control the pressure for several weeks with eye drops.”

After removing Tao’s second eye on Jenuary, the dog learned new commands as it went completely blind.

Despite Tao’s difficulties, the two have the sweetest relationship with each other and they are inseparable. They enjoy the company of others and have found their own way of communicating and playing. So cute!

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