This place specializes in loaded dogs from a variety of culinary traditions Let’s get this out of the way first:

Yes, here in New York it’s called a hot dog a “sparkle.
” York City is a brand new piece of viral slang and TikTok slang, so if you haven’t heard it before this Sidetalk video or until you start reading this article, it’s completely normal, normal and not a bad thing.

The word “shiny” seems to have originated in the DC metro area as street slang for Glocks or pistols in general.
And since guns are considered interchangeable with penises in some circles, the inevitable leap was made: glitzy = dong.
And since a hot dog has the same basic shape as a phallus, it wasn’t long before raunchy hot dog eating videos featuring “brilliant gluttons” were racking up millions of views on social media, and.

you could probably go on.
All of this has happened in the last few years, and now there’s a new hot dog in Williamsburg called “Glizzy’s” for maximum effect, with a cute cartoon logo that has nothing to do with guns, nothing to do with the penis, and three longtime friends and New York lifers are at the helm.

Johnny Huynh was raised by his grandmother in Bushwick and is also the co-owner of three Lucy’s Vietnamese restaurants in Brooklyn, fast food joints known for their smoked brisket banh mi and pho.
Originally from Queens, Nikki Yam currently lives in Flushing and, after teaching elementary school for seven years, now works as a curriculum manager for several charter schools.

Philip Ng, born and raised in Midwood, works as a firefighter in addition to his Glizzy duties.
The menu features 10 gourmet hot dogs, each dedicated to a different culinary and/or cultural tradition.
The best of the half dozen I tried last weekend before Glizzy’s grand opening was Sean Paul’s, Huynh’s tribute to the Jamaican dancehall legend, an energetic dog full of smoked brisket, creamy slaw, and fiery Scotch bonnet sauce.

Also good were the Texas “We Have a Problem,” essentially a cheese dog with chili and a sprinkle of crushed Fritos on top, and the Korean “Mr.Lee” topped with kimchi, furikake and gochujang ketchup.

There’s a pizza dog called Fuhgeddaboudit, a vegetarian version called The Yammy, and a halal dog with Harrisa and yogurt sauce called The Ocky, a shout-out to TikTok-famous Red Hook Bodega owner Rahim Mohamed.
Despite some fun decorative touches – the ordering counter looks like a hot dog cart – it’s a fairly simple process.
There’s no seating, just a stainless steel counter to sit at while you devour your glitter, and most of the 450-square-foot space is dedicated to prep and storage.

There’s lemonade, Brooklyn Best iced tea and licensed beer.
Former tenant was a subway taxi service, there is no ventilation so the dogs are cooked on rolls instead of on the grill.
And the ingredients are definitely nothing special: the dogs themselves are regular Sabrett’s, rolls from Arnold’s, toppings from various institutional brands.

“I’m not trying to taste a hot dog like a foodie,” Huynh told Brooklyn Magazine.
“I’m just trying to give you what you need.

” However, you can also get creative with your glitter.
“It’s fun to eat food,” Huynh says.
“A hot dog and a bun is just the beginning, the rest is endless.
Unlimited customization means unlimited content on TikTok.

I think it’s cool that you can just show up at two in the morning, three in the morning, drunk and with 30 toppings on you.
” Glizzy’s Restaurant is located at 390 Metropolitan Avenue, between Marcy Avenue and Havemeyer Street.

It is currently open Sunday to Wednesday from 11:00 a.m.
to midnight and Thursday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m.
to 4:00 a.m.