Every Morning, The Dog Extends Its Head Out Of The Mailbox As A Way To Welcome Its Neighbors. – Animal News

Every Morning, The Dog Extends Its Head Out Of The Mailbox As A Way To Welcome Its Neighbors.

Rigby, a joyful, inquisitive, and friendly puppy, thoroughly enjoys observing what is happening in the local community.

Each day, as individuals and their furry companions stroll by the residence where Rigby resides with his loved ones, he is consistently enthusiastic about welcoming anyone who walks by.

Fortunately, it is convenient for Rigby to easily emerge for a brief greeting. He has the ability to stick his adorable face through the built-in mailbox of the house.

Ever since Rigby was a young pup, he has had a fondness for the mailbox. In the past, the mailbox served as a direct entryway to the hallway, where he could squeeze his entire body in when he was younger.

Courtney Poole, the mother of Rigby, shared that she and her husband used to exchange Rigby by handing him over through the mailbox.

Currently, Rigby, who is now one year old, has grown too large to fully squeeze his entire body through the slot, although his size and height are just right for protruding his head through the opening.

The entire community enjoys catching a glimpse of his face poking out from the mailbox, and numerous individuals pause to appreciate the amusing spectacle.

The only individual who hasn’t been entirely thrilled with Rigby’s peephole is the mailman, as one day he was startled to discover Rigby staring back at him when he opened the mailbox.

Given the traditional belief regarding dogs and mail carriers, it is understandable that he became somewhat frightened. However, fortunately, nowadays Rigby and the mailman have a completely friendly and cordial bond.

Rigby is bringing a lot of love and happiness to the people in his community, and we hope that more mailboxes contained adorable surprises like his.

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