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Dog With Cancer Lives Long Enough To Be Reunited With Her Owner Once More.

Kermie’s owner had been living with her for a month when her unpleasant breath prompted a visit to the veterinarian. Kermi was unfortunate to receive the news of having cancer. Initially, Kermie was predicted to have a lifespan of merely two or three months, although she had different plans in mind. She persisted in staying awake until her owner’s nine-month ownership came to an end.

In March of the previous year, Master Commander Eric Ralston from the US Navy was stationed at that specific sanatorium. After noticing that 11-year-old Kermi’s breathing was visibly deteriorating, his wife decided to have him go for a medical examination at the center, following a month of observation.

After evaluating Kermi’s condition, it was determined that he had oral cancer. Specialists predicted that he had a mere two to three months left to live. Kermi, our first child, led us to believe that Eric would never lay eyes on her again.

After three months had gone by and Eric’s work was nearing completion, the family started to believe there was a good chance Kerme would once again have the opportunity to see Eric. The decision was made to assist her in having one final meeting with Eric.

Eric will remain deployed for an extra 12 days, prolonging his absence from home. The impending holidays made the Ralstons worried about Kermie’s survival until Christmas, which was when Eric would eventually come back home. Kermi was resolved to conquer the challenges, even though they were challenging. Several days before Christmas, Kermi was there when Eric came home. The camera captured her walking out of the house and heading towards Eric, embracing him tenderly, with a vibrant red bow adorning her attire.

Prior to Eric’s return, Kermie had a sense of approaching the final chapters of her life, but now that he is back, she feels rejuvenated and has a fresh outlook on life. Jennifer observed that his arrival back home had a magical effect on her. She effortlessly returned to her previous eating and drinking routines, devoid of any resistance.

Kermie turned 12 in January, but in February, things started to take a downturn for him. Jennifer expressed that they were aware that the pleasant days and pleasant hours were about to arrive. On February 22, Kermie passed away due to cancer. Eric was present with her family members.

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