Chelsea’s Worst Premier League Season? The Stats Don’t Lie

Chelsea’s Worst Premier League Season? The Stats Don’t Lie

Chelsea FC have consistently been a force to be reckoned with in England’s Premier League since its inception. However, this season has been a far cry from the years past. We are now witnessing one of the West London club’s worst Premier League seasons in its history, and the data speaks for itself. Dive into this in-depth statistical analysis as we take a closer look at how the Blues have struggled in this down-trodden campaign, and how they can potentially turn things around.
Chelsea’s Worst Premier League Season? The Stats Don’t Lie

1. Chelsea’s Nightmare In the Premier League: A Statistical Look

Chelsea’s Premier League nightmare has been hard to ignore. After an impressive performance in the previous season, the West London side have fallen apart in the 2019/20 campaign. Here, we take a statistical look at why fortunes have changed so drastically for the Blues.

  • Leading Goalscorer: Last season, Eden Hazard scored the most goals (16) out of any Chelsea outfield player; this season, Tammy Abraham has only managed 11 goals.
  • Most Assists: Willian topped the assists charts for the Blues last season with 11; Jorginho has only 3 to his name this term.
  • Possession: Maurizio Sarri was known to prioritise possession but Chelsea have fallen from 2nd in the league in 2018/19 to 6th this time around in terms of possession.

Although Abraham and Mason Mount have stepped up to fill Hazard’s creative void, the failure of the Blues to replace their former talisman has clearly hampered their progress. N’Golo Kante’s injury woes have only served to make matters worse too; with Jorginho less effective this season, Chelsea have been lacklustre on the midfield front which has impacted their style of play both offensively and defensively.

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1. Chelsea's Nightmare In the Premier League: A Statistical Look

2. Breaking Down the Struggles that Led to Chelsea’s Poor Campaign

Chelsea’s Underwhelming Performance in the 18/19 Season

It had been a rollercoaster of a season for Chelsea. In the 2018/19 Premier League, they had presented the worst of performances. The team was inconsistent and not to the usual standards. In hindsight it is easy to point out the main mistakes, but what are the struggles that had caused this calamity?

To find out what went wrong, we must take a closer look at their season. Up-front, their lack of a top-class striker was been a major issue. Olivier Giroud had been inefficient and unable to perform, with Alvaro Morata unable to fill that role while Gonzalo Higuain was signed too late. Furthermore, Maurizio Sarri came to the helm and did not manage to properly implement his style of play.

  • The defensive line was troubled, with question marks over David Luiz and Antonio Rudiger‘s performances.
  • The midfield was unbalanced, with Mateo Kovacic backing out and Jorginho unable to defend well.
  • Problems with the club’s transfers and reported fallouts with Eden Hazard all piled on the pressure.

It is difficult to pinpoint one issue; instead, it would be fair to state these as a mixture of factors that all led to the miserable performance from the Blues. It is clear that there were problems in every area and this led to the insufficient campaign that was experienced on all fronts.

2. Breaking Down the Struggles that Led to Chelsea's Poor Campaign

3. Chelsea Players and Management: Where It All Went Wrong

To evaluate what went wrong with the current state of affairs at Crown Park, one must first identify what contributed to the team’s unraveling. From the ownership and board, to the players and managment, there are multiple elements to explore.

  • Ownership and the board – The current Chelsea management team is far from ideal with the presence of major investors, such as Roman Abramovich, often leading to tensions within the team. There is a lack of stability which has left the team in an uncertain state.
  • Players – Envisioning the title yet unable to put in the hard work to make it happen, the players have failed to work towards a common goal. Numerous players have left the club over the years, individuals who could have made a significant difference to the team’s fortune.
  • Management – In the management’s attempts to focus on a long-term plan, its impatience has caused the team to become overly dependent on coach turnover. The decision to develop youth at the expense of the regulars has also been scrutinized by many experts.
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With these major entities at a stand-still, the future of Chelsea remains murky as of now. Some argue that the club is in a rebuilding stage and needs immense time and effort to turn the ship around. But there is no clear path or philosophy in place and until there is, the Blues could remain in disarray.

4. Looking Forward: The Road Ahead For the Blues

The Good News

It’s been a rough couple of years for the Blues, but there are hopeful signs ahead. The team has revamped their roster with several talented rookies, many of whom have already proven themselves to be reliable contributors. In addition, the Blues have a great collection of returning veterans who know how to get the job done. With such a diverse mix of young and old blood, the team is well-equipped to make waves and play consistent hockey the entire season long.

The Challenges

It’s never easy for teams to develop chemistry and a defining style of play. Though expectations are high, there will be bumps along the way as the team adjusts to changing personnel. As the Blues continue to evolve, they’ll need the leadership of their more experienced members to help guide them through. A positive attitude and attitude of self-improvement will be key, and with the right attitude, the team can move forward to a successful season. Different eras will always highlight a different set of woes and successes. But one thing remains the same: Chelsea’s toughest season in the Premier League was certainly a challenge to outperform. As they strive to rebuild and re-establish their standards, the stats don’t lie; it’s going to take a Herculean effort to get Chelsea back on top.

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