Brave Husky finds a box full of kittens in the forest and adopts them. – Animal News

Brave Husky finds a box full of kittens in the forest and adopts them.

Banner, the service dog, has a heart of gold. Not only is she dedicated to helping disabled owner Whitney Braley, but she also has a knack for rescuing and caring for other animals in need.

Whitney has been raising a 3-year-old Husky since he was a puppy, and Whitney taught Banner to help her and others with various tasks.

Whitney told Bored Panda: “She warns of PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, work instructions, impulsivity, drug recovery, self-harm interruptions, and a few more.”

“She’s been in regular contact with kittens and we’ve rescued a lot.” Banner raised my first bottle-fed kitten that I found in a ditch two years ago. This cat is still with us, but she has raised at least ten different litters of kittens over the years. This is the first time ELLE has encountered such an incident.

What she discovered was heartbreaking. A cardboard box is sealed in the forest, inside there are 7 newborn kittens, one day old and frozen to death. Banner alerts Whitney and takes her into the woods, where she opens the box and pulls out the kittens one by one.

“Someone has to put them in a cardboard box, close the lid, and let them die,” Whitney told Metro. “Perhaps they assume no one will find them.” I don’t know how Banner knew they were in there. The kittens were frozen and didn’t meow at all.

“I’m sick of someone doing this to these helpless animals.” It was difficult and terrible.
Banner hasn’t left the kittens since and adopted them as his own. Whitney told Bored Panda, “I sterilized her at 1.5, but she’s an incredible mom.”

“Now I will find suitable homes for the kittens, where they will be loved forever.” Because our local shelter kills in three days, I’ll have to do it myself. That’s why I constantly end up fostering children. I don’t want them to perish.

“I’m so glad that thanks to Banner, these kittens can now live their lives in loving homes.” It makes my heart happy.

Banner is a great hero, dedicated to helping all creatures and animals. She also has thousands of fans on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Check them out for updates on the kitten’s progress!

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