After 11 Years Of Wandering The Streets, A Deaf Dog Has Finally Been Adopted And Found Its Forever Home. – Animal News

After 11 Years Of Wandering The Streets, A Deaf Dog Has Finally Been Adopted And Found Its Forever Home.

I am extremely delighted that the dog who is unable to hear has been rescued, and as a result, my heart is filled with joy.

Solo, an unlucky canine, has endured about ten years without a residence in Los Angeles, despite the typical lifespan of dogs ranging from 10 to 13 years.

He was in a state of poor nutrition, he had impaired hearing, and he was advanced in age, so feeble and fatigued that he couldn’t even move. After a while, Solo ended up falling down on a lady’s porch, and she bestowed upon him the moniker of Solovino, a Spanish translation meaning “he arrived alone.”

Following his request for help from Rocket Dog Rescue, Solo was taken to San Francisco and settled in a temporary household. Nonetheless, the foster family viewed Solo as a responsibility because of his age and inability to hear, leading them to both adopt and subsequently desert him on multiple occasions.

Carol Messina discovered a picture of Solo on the internet and instantly realized she had to save him. She comprehends the anguish and sorrow experienced by Solo, and is eager to offer him the affection and nurture he is entitled to.

Upon their initial encounter, Messina promptly discovered that Solo had a hearing impairment. He felt uneasy whenever someone came near him because he was unable to detect their presence. Furthermore, Solo was going through distress due to toothache.

Luckily, Messina managed to organize a surgical procedure for Solo to resolve his dental problems. Over time, Solo started relying on her as she showered him with love and affection. He experienced an increase in happiness and even seemed to have a more youthful appearance.

Solo’s life has been greatly impacted by Messina’s benevolence and empathy, as love holds immense strength. He has come to realize that he is worthy of love and care, and he has discovered a secure and affectionate household.

We express gratitude to Messina for her kindness and for providing Solo with a fresh opportunity at life. May he prosper and thrive in his permanent residence! ❤️

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