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Adoptive Father Refuses To Kill Puppy Born Without Front Legs And Decides To Give It A Second Chance.

Born without front legs, Nobby the dog. When the vet recommended euthanasia for the little dog, he had only been born four hours.

Contrary to this, Nubby’s owners made a clear choice.

Nobby’s early life was difficult. Without front legs as a newborn, he had trouble getting close to his mother to feed her. Although Nubby’s brothers pulled him away from his mother as she hugged him, he still couldn’t feed himself.

Also, the vet thought it was best for Nobby to sleep, no matter how heartbreaking it was. At the time, the dog had only lived four hours.

Lou Robinson, a Texas resident who has spent her life caring for and adopting orphaned and abandoned pets with her husband Mark, wanted something different.

They quickly made the decision to ignore the vet’s advice and take care of Nobby on their own. Nobby went with Lou to his house. To watch over the dog, she and her husband stayed there all night. He received their love, care and nourishment through a bottle.

At first, Nobby seemed prosperous.
He has developed bigger eyes and ears. According to Loui Robinson, it was able to bark, sniff and recognize sounds.

Things started to change after that.

About a month after giving birth, Nobby started sneezing. Little bubbles came out of his nose because he couldn’t poop anymore.

Nubby’s esophagus was problematic, as seen on the x-ray. After Nobby was given antibiotics, she was placed in an incubator. Nobby has shown exceptional determination and tenacity despite adverse circumstances.

He won’t stop trying. He retaliated by fighting. And he fought for the chance to live a respectable life as his adoptive parents fought to give him that chance. The good news is that Nobby has improved over time. This sweet kid turned out to be a real survivor three years later.

Although Nobby had some challenges in life, he showed the world that anything is possible. In addition, the Robinsons provided him with a Facebook profile so people could follow his exploits.

Based on recent updates and photos, Nobby seems to be feeling better than ever. He is now a strong dog after adulthood. Playing is his favorite activity and he seems to be fascinated by life and all it has to offer. To move around and play, he even has his own small wheelchair.

A great motivator is Nobby! It vindicates the idea that uniqueness is irrelevant even if it is unlike others.

Nobby has shown that anything is possible with the help of Lou and Mark, despite the vet’s opinion that he should be euthanized. Share to honor Lou and Mark’s great work and pay tribute to this amazing dog!

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