A ‘Tor.tu.r.ed’ Three-Legged Dog Becomes A Therapy Dog ​​And Cares For Physically Disabled Children. – Animal News

A ‘Tor.tu.r.ed’ Three-Legged Dog Becomes A Therapy Dog ​​And Cares For Physically Disabled Children.

In the Lexington center at Shriners Nursing Home for Children, a remarkable dog named Chance is making a profound impact.

His journey from a rescue dog with a sad story to a certified therapy dog ​​is a joyful story of adaptability, compassion and the power of love.

Chance’s story begins in adversity, when he is discovered in critical condition, starving and with a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

Jean’s Rescue Camp, a group of animal rescuers, came to his rescue, providing him with vital medical care and, more importantly, another chance at life.

Despite the stylish pants, Chance’s front leg could not be saved and veterinarians had to reattach it along with his collarbone and shoulder to treat the fracture caused by the bullet.

Six weeks after his life-saving surgery, Chance opened a new home with Andrea White, a former Shriners nanny. Inspired by her kind, intelligent, and obedient nature, Andrea decides to search for a cure for Chance.

She had a special mission in mind to visit those lacking branches, like Chance.

Together, Chance and Andrea completed the Love on a Leash pet training course, and before long Chance was patrolling the hallways of Lexington Shriners Hospital for Children as a certified dog medical.

His main mission is to bring comfort and smiles to children who are facing the same challenges as him.During their visits, Chance and Andrea frequently entered the clinical trial apartments, where the children’s faces lit up with joy. Many people went down to be closer to their four-legged friends. The kids and their families were curious about how Chance lost his leg, but it was his “eager to please” personality that really won their hearts.

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