A Dog Runs Away From His New Family And Sets Out Alone On A 97-Day Journey To Find His Adoptive Mother. – Animal News

A Dog Runs Away From His New Family And Sets Out Alone On A 97-Day Journey To Find His Adoptive Mother.

Zelda is a rescued adorable puppy who, after spending time in foster care, has finally found her forever family.

It should have been a happy moment, but there were problems:
Zelda has developed a deep and unbreakable relationship with her adoptive mother, Seneca Krueger.

Krueger took Zelda in and took care of her when she needed it most, and Zelda loved him with all her heart. Krueger specializes in fostering dogs with trust issues, and when she meets Zelda, it becomes clear that the poor dog is suffering from terrible trust issues. worry.

Krueger did everything she could to make Zelda feel more secure and confident, but it was a tough job.

Zelda is extremely anxious and alternates between walking and hiding, while being treated with anxiety medication.

But Krueger remains determined to help Zelda overcome her fears and become happy and healthy. And while working with Zelda, Krueger began to develop a special bond with the puppy.

Krueger discovered that Zelda felt less anxious when chained, so Krueger began training her.

Gradually Zelda became less anxious and began to express her personality more. She’s still very nervous, but she’s clearly getting better.

Eventually, she was even able to stop taking her anxiety medication. Krueger becomes a source of strength and comfort for Zelda, who wants to be near her.

After seven stressful months, Zelda was confident enough that she could be adopted into a permanent family.

Zelda’s new family lived 40 miles away, and Krueger drove her there himself.

But even though Krueger has raised about 40 puppies, leaving Zelda with his new family has been incredibly painful.

There was something about Zelda that made it very difficult for Krueger to let her go. She cried and cried on the trip but thought she did the right thing.

She left Zelda with her new family, said goodbye and returned home.

Two weeks later, a local couple contacted Krueger.

They fed a worried stray animal and eventually caught it.





Krueger immediately hugged Zelda. She wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. This time, she will never let go of her special friend.

It took her 97 long days but Zelda finally got where she belongs. With Krueger’s help, she will live a long, happy life and always feel safe and protected.

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