A Dog Guides Rescuers To A Container Containing Abandoned Kittens, And Subsequently Takes On The Loving Role Of Their Foster Father. – Animal News

A Dog Guides Rescuers To A Container Containing Abandoned Kittens, And Subsequently Takes On The Loving Role Of Their Foster Father.

Aragon, a lovely rescue dog, resides in Greece alongside his owner.

He resides close to Immitos mountain together with his mother, and they frequently go for strolls in that vicinity.Regrettably, frequently they encounter discarded empty cartons which have been utilized for abandoning kittens on the mountain.

Dumping litters of kittens has become a regular occurrence not only in their locality but also in various parts of Greece.

The vulnerable kittens have no means of protection from predators and do not live for a long time in their natural habitat, which is why the crates usually don’t have any kittens in them.

Aragon’s mother, a volunteer at SCARS, chose to create a video showcasing the large number of innocent animals that have been heartlessly abandoned in the mountains.

On numerous occasions, Aragon’s mother comes across deserted cardboard boxes in the mountain area, often discovering blankets and toys still left behind, yet no animals are found. This statement was shared by SCARS on Youtube.

One day, Aragon’s mother decided to bring her camera along during their walk to capture some footage for her video.

Aragon and his mother were aware that abandoned kittens are typically found by wild animals within a few hours. Consequently, they had low expectations and only anticipated capturing a few photographs of the numerous boxes scattered around the area.

However, an amazing event occurred.

Aragon began to tug his mother’s hand, urging her to approach a box, and upon inspection, they discovered a complete collection of kittens.

Despite all of the challenges they faced, they managed to stay alive until someone found them and rescued them.

They brought the litter to their home, and Aragon quickly assumed the role of a foster father.

He had saved the adorable infants, and now he planned to ensure they received all the necessary care and provisions.

The veterinarian examined the kittens and SCARS’ kind-hearted individuals attended to all their necessities, yet none showed as much affectionate dedication towards the wellbeing of the little kittens as Aragon did.

Although they might not have been biologically related to him, there was unquestionably a deep sense of fatherly connection towards them.

He interacted, embraced, and showered them with ample love and care that young kittens require from their father.

The kittens were given another chance at life, all thanks to Aragon’s exceptional ability to sniff and his caring nature.

The kittens flourished in the care of SCARS, and Aragon ensured that they received the affection and attention they were entitled to.

When they were in their most vulnerable state, he provided them with affection and security, and we are certain that this will remain etched in their memories forever.

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