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568 Days: The Heartbreaking Story of Millie, The Abandoned Mama Dog.

Meet Millie. She is a 3-year-old pitbull/staffy mix waiting for a forever home for 567 days at a shelter. Longest dog in shelter’s history. Millie came to Pet Helpers Adoption Center in Charleston, South Carolina from a high kill shelter due to overcrowding. She was pregnant and gave birth to six puppies after arriving at the shelter.

She was a great mom to her pups, who all found loving homes. However, Millie, a sweet and friendly dog who adores people, was left behind. Millie’s adoption is extra challenging due to various obstacles.

She is a dark black/brown dog, which makes her less appealing to some adopters. There’s stigma linked to her breed, often misunderstood and discriminated against. Millie needs to be the only pet in the house due to her high reactivity with other dogs.

Millie, adopted by a childless couple with no pets, briefly experienced having a home before being returned due to landlord discrimination. They loved her personality and energy, and were eager to give her what she deserved.

Their joy was brief. Landlord threatened eviction if Millie came home. The landlord prejudiced against Millie’s breed, refused to let them keep her. They were forced to return Millie to the shelter, feeling heartbroken and devastated.

Millie persevered. She greets visitors with a wagging tail and a big smile. She enjoys walks with the shelter staff and adored volunteers. She likes playing tug of war with toys and rolling in the grass happily. She is affectionate, cuddly, and loves belly rubs.

As you approach her, she wriggles in excitement and taps her feet in anticipation of the pets she’ll get. She loves walking, playing tug of war, and rolling in the grass. On every walk, she flops, rolls with a smile, snorts, and has a blast. But her greatest joy is cuddling by your side, getting belly rubs.

She’ll cuddle with her toy, nibbling on it eagerly as she waits for you to shower her with all the pets you have.

Millie needs a chance to find her forever home, where she can be loved and cherished. She needs someone who can understand and provide her with structure and guidance. She needs someone who appreciates her fun-loving and goofy side, sharing laughter and happiness with her.

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